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      Hello. Can someone please help me understand the scales on the Y axis? I’ve heard bits and pieces in videos regarding these numbers. but i’ve never clearly understood them? As an example, if it was initially at say “85” and is now “65”, I don’t know how to interpret that? Should it be evaluated on a % basis? What numerical scale # is “small”? What is “large”? Do the numbers vary as far as relevance depending on the pair? Any help much appreciated. I’m confused. Thank you.

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      Hi IO, did you watch the new video course videos?
      The new MK web version also shows you an “average PB” line. Whether a PB nest is “big” or “small” depends on the Net DM. However, also note that the upper histogram shows you the “current” PBs, so if they leave the scale drops, but the histogram below shows you all PBs that WERE on the market.
      So that way you can see which DM is still in there and which one left.
      In addition to the squeeze line slopes.
      Not complicated.
      Did you also watch the MK blog?

      SME FX

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