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      Admin SME


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      Admin SME

      Dear Traders,

      if you like this project and you would like us to continue it, then please be so kind to leave us a short testimonial here.

      Thank you!

      SME FX Family

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      Wesley Otto


      I have been trading on and off for about 3 years or so. I have been through it all the candle patterns, trendlines, fibs, discords groups, forums, indicators, books, price action, supply and demand, video courses, fundamentals and YouTube and the rest of the list. What I learnt I put into actions. You would see the perfect setup as per the course and the trade would go against you.

      All I can say, since I found SME-FX it has helped me understand the bigger picture of how the FX markets work. My trading has improved to a new level that I look forward to my future trading full time within the next 12 months or so.
      Please keep the excellent work up.



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      Timothy Shaker

      I have been in this Business for 40 years. On the floor in Chicago as a broker and trader also traded on and off for the last 10 years. I have taken technical trading classes for most of the first 30 years always looking for something that worked.
      I have been studying your system for only one month and I am seeing the indicators working more and more. It’s really quite amazing once you understand what you are looking at.
      Thank You for your hard work.

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      Shalva Kutelia

      Nowhere else in the world can you study the inner workings of FX markets other than here let alone receive generous experience and information on how to trade with a real edge by seeing what is actually moving the price.
      I don’t know how anyone can be profitable in the long term without access to the service as otherwise they’re objectively several orders of magnitude worth of disadvantage trading blindly, to say this has been eye opening for me would be an understatement.
      There is only so much one can say without coming off as unrealistic but the value that you get from SME is more than you thought was possible.

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      I would like to thank SME for giving us the opportunity to use this incredible tool, I have been trading for 2 years but the Livestream changed my whole perspective on trading because due to the manipulation of the forex market, we are able to predict the movement
      of the pairs.

      Thank you so much
      Be Blessed.

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      I initially struggled with SME, but looking back at the trades that “failed”, my mistakes were glaring. My second time around has been 180 degrees different and better. I dedicated myself to studying the many, many videos Djamal offers and it began to click. I’m closing in on passing my first prop firm evaluation and I don’t think i’d be able to do that if not for this valuable tool. My impressions of Djamal are that he is a patient, benevolent person who obviously worked very hard to create this and could have kept it to himself. Very grateful he’s generously offered to help others and appreciative to be a part of this.

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      Hi, I struggled with finding a system to work with SME in 2022 but now I have great success in trading with the new an improved MK. I just wish that MK live was on during business hour.

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