I am a professional FX trader who is known for exposing the ACTUAL inner workings of the world’s largest financial market. I have not only proven and explained how the so-called “Smart Money Algorithms” conduct  market manipulation on a daily basis, but I have also established a complete description of how these “SM Algos” operate, this in detail. This was a multi-year process.

Also, I have documented live trades based on that knowledge for more than two years on youtube.
Before launching my own firms, I have worked as a broker, trader and investment manager. I also earned a BSc Economics and an MSc Finance from well-known universities, just to realize how the academic description of financial markets is miles away from the actual market reality.

My hobbies include flying, music, sports and meditation. I made it my mission to contribute to make the FX industry better as it currently is; this by spreading original knowledge and also by offering a set of unique tools in order to achieve that ambitious goal. The overarching principle is to prioritize the interests of TRADERS over the interests of other parties who are active within the FX industry.

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