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      Admin SME

      If you like what we offer, please take the time to leave us a testimonial here.

      Thank you,

      SME FX

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      Absoluteley unique. No words can describe how great this service is. I cannot imagine trading without MK.

      Nothing else comes close.

      The man behind SME is legendary.

      Forever thankful.

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      Jorge Luces

      The “ONLY” approach to trade the FOREX market in the correct way. What u will see here will literally blow your mind.

      You will learn the truth behind and will increase your confidence either daytrading or swing trading.

      Just wanted to thank Djamal for the big effort on this proyect.

      Best regards

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      I signed up for the Livestream only three weeks ago and my trading has turned from negative to positive but more important is that being able to see on the live stream where the DM positions are placed gives you the ability to trade with newfound confidence and gone are the days of constantly being fearful that open position will go in the wrong direction because of lack of real knowledge of what the SM Algo’s are likely to do. Realistically you haven’t got a chance in this market against the SM Algo’s unless you have this inside knowledge provided by Djamal’s excellent education and the Livestream.
      One of my peers today was wondering if to sign up and my response to him was :
      I think the question is, if you are completely committed to trading in the long term then this is the time to take it all the way because although you have to develop a strategy to accommodate MK and to succeed, I think once you know the reality of the Market as Djamal has shown us, it would be difficult to trade any other way. I have to be honest, in my opinion, it is not only a no brainer but also an unbelievable opportunity of a lifetime.

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      Hong Pill Ong

      Market absolutely manipulated, when you subscribe to MK livestream you will see MTS and position are taken one by one. Great tool.

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      jim McCormick

      I have been aware of the MK way of trading for several years and have applied the concept to my trading in certain ways, but now that its available I now have the Corvette finally in my hands ! Already caught a nice trade and I’ve just started with the service..

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      I wanted to do a second Testimonial about the cost. My subscription is at an end and I have eagerly signed up for a second term. I have only been trading mini lots this time but I have covered the cost five times over. Say no more 🙂

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      Admin SME


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