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      Christopher Miranda

      Hi Djamal. Hope you are having a wonderful day so far!
      I have been keeping up with your SMEFX youtube channel and I’ve been greatly looking forward to your huge news and latest updates. I was checking every day to see if you were going to make a post about it, so it was an incredible surprise last week when I saw the pricing changes. Anyway I immediately purchased the MKVC access, I am so happy that I did, I did not expect you to make such immensely useful videos. I have been watching all of them over and over because of how absolutely amazing it is to watch your knowledge and detail in them! They truly explain everything we could ever wish for, and you continue to give us more than we could ever ask.

      So I saw the new videos today, just a heads up that the two 3-minute videos(3:01 & 3:08) aren’t showing video on the website. They have audio and play properly, but the thumbnail and screen for video isn’t there, it shows the website background color only.
      Hope this helps and I look forward to being back and fully active here again!

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      Admin SME

      Thanks a lot Christopher,

      welcome to the SME family!

      We will check that of course.

      SME FX

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      Dear Djamal,

      thanks lot for wonderful post in FF forum. Its really opening my ears and opening blind spot in my understanding w/ regard fx trading at its core.

      Yeah, just on to my point (straight way) i have some not good questions if i may ask :

      1. is your commercial subcription already including how to trade, when to trade and how to trade (based your finding on market casuality ofc), or its just framework and exclude trade system or setup. ?
      2. Any detail explanation welcome about the question above.

      Notes : – i got tired with mirror smoke out there and already make real commitment regarding my forex trading.

      – after 3 years research i come to conclusion that market casuality and market maker pshychology behind orderflow liquidity is THE CORE mechanic in global financial
      market trading or speculating.

      and now i don’t have any doubt at all about it. BUT, because my daily work i get some challenge in real word of trading who is to trust and who is not in order to get real progress
      ahead and accompanion

      3. Is there a way you have complete system based on market casuality that we can colaborated together in advance.

      Sorry to ask this before make subcription in your commercial section cause i need to have my own brain and trading your casuality concept with personality.
      Because trading is very personal.

      Just that

      Best regards
      Happy peepz Djamal

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      Admin SME

      Hi n1k3,

      yes, you are at the right place.

      Yes, the subscription includes access to the MK livestream. There, you can see the market causality live, as shown in the videos.
      On youtube, you can see many many examples of how Djamal has traded the MK live, this over years.
      There are certain, repeating setups.

      All the best,
      SME FX

      PS: Please be aware that our Email will be down for a few hours today.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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