Maintenance Note (06/05/2022)

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      Admin SME

      Dear friends,

      today we will have maintenance going on,
      therefore, the MK web shots will not update. However, the MK livestream will continue to work.
      That is the result of a DDOS attack on the website.
      We are on it.
      Thank you for your consideration.

      SME FX

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      Is the maintenance still ongoing, as I see that the MK Live Stream web was last updated 350 000 sec ago for all pairs?

      Thank you

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      Admin SME

      All working again.

      Plus the new bitcoin chart.


      SME FX

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      Christopher Miranda

      Incredibly glad to see that things are back to normal and that you did not let attackers take you down, YET AGAIN! Your strength and resilience shines as always.

      The new AUD charts as well as the huge surprise of the new BTC chart have been amazing Djamal and SMEFX team, thank you for all the work! Crazy to see that bitcoin is just following DM now.

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        jim McCormick

        Hi Chris,
        Are you able to log in and see Livestream Web ?? nothing is loading for me.. thx.

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