Dollar collapse

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      Shalva Kutelia

      Twitter and youtube are overrun with all sorts of information suggesting that USD is finished with rationale being that U.S. debt exceeds it’s ability to ever pay it back and that one should buy gold/silver/bitcoin and generally move to other currencies to protect themselves from an imminent collapse, there’s also numerous stories about banks shutting down and this spreading over to Europe.
      I do find there’s more than enough weight to the claim, both from what I’ve been told from the screen and my own observations but then again, the way in which this information is spread looks more like a fearmongering campaign to me.
      How should an SM trader approach this if at all?

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      Hi Shalva,

      for years, we have heard about the “Dollar collapse” theory, just to see how DM longies entered and then the SM pushing EU lower and lower; leading the USD to get stronger, not weaker.
      All these “theories” are what they are; stories. People think that they use “logic” to analyze markets, however, how would that help if they do not even understand the ACTUAL price making process behind the curtains?
      An MK trader knows the facts, not the “theories”. I think this picture says a lot (EURUSD):

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      So that means,
      we would see “Dollar weakness” in the case that many DM shorties (red bars) would enter, this over weeks, and then EU would go up as a result.



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      Shalva Kutelia


      I guess I just need to get used to the fact that humans at large are clueless about every facet of life and yet would say anything to appear as being the opposite… without acting like it, that or/also there’s way more bots out there than one might assume.
      Thank you for the clarification, love it,
      All the best

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