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      Hello. I watched this recent YT video: and i’m confused about the explanation at the 1:50 mark about the Line 2 histogram? At the beginning of the video Djamal first describes the top line as the current DM histogram, but then he says that the histogram below that is the current DM plus the historical. What I don’t understand is that the top current DM histo has multiple larger bars and is generally much more visible. The one below that is supposed to be current AND historical is much smaller with very small bars? So trying to understand how it could represent the current and historical if the large bars from the top histo aren’t displayed? Thanks for any help!

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      Christopher Miranda

      Oh ha wow they do look off. At first I thought something was wrong, but it’s usually because of the difference in scaling between the current and historical. Though it may just not be loading properly too. It’s normal now online.

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        Thanks Chris, but they still seem off to me. See the attached and look at the yellow outlined area. How could the historic and current bars be LESS than the size of just the current bar above it?

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          Christopher Miranda

          Yep I see what you mean. I’ve never had an issue, so it may just be a data feed problem or something.
          edit: It’s fine on the teamviewer livestream, so it should be back to normal eventually.

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          Admin SME

          Hello IO,

          it is not,
          look at the scale of the two histograms.

          The “current” one max. scale is 63,
          however the “current + historical one” is above 268.

          Can you see that?

          Remember that the scaling changes automatically based on the “max bars” of both histograms.
          So always check the scale, not just the “visual appearance” of the bars.

          SME FX

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      My apologies! I did not see that! Definitely makes sense now. I appreciate the clarification!

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