4Hr NEZ indicator?

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      In one of Djamal’s videos, he makes reference tot he 4Hr ‘NEZ’ indicator, namely the blue standard deviation lines that appear on the 4Hr chart.

      He says this indicator can be found in the forum……but this doesn’t seem to be the case.

      Can someone identify for me what this indicator is, I would like to stick on my 4Hr Trading View charts, so I can have a good long look back at how price behaves around these levels.

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      Christopher Miranda

      Ask these questions in one of the already open threads, stop making new ones for every basic topic, please and thanks.
      Nez has been posted in the “Indicator” section of the forum along with the settings used, like come on..
      I don’t know what the indicator calculates but it repaints.

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      Oh, so it’s in the ‘Indicators Section’ is it?

      Would that be the indicator section down below?

      This website, and this forum IS NOT WELL LAID OUT.

      Nothing is indexed. There isn’t even a search function. Nobody has even bothered to label which videos in the video course are in which order? I mean c’mon to fk?

      At the very least, a newcomer should not be blamed for not telepathically knowing where shit is.

      A lot of your responses remind of those car forums where someone asks a question that someone with a bit of knowledge would be able to easily answer…..and someone snarks “have you tried looking in ur manual”…..gtfo.

      If you know the answer, or if anyone else does, please do take 30 seconds of ur valuable time to tell me…..cos I can’t find the fkn answer anywhere on this site. If not, and u just want to snark, then please put that 30 seconds of your time to other uses.

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      Christopher Miranda

      Everything works fine, just take the time to read the threads and get accustomed to it. And yes, it’s literally in the very first thread in that section.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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