Reply To: You can post free MT4 indicators here which could be of value.


Hey Djamal,
first of all thanks for offering this.
I have 2 simple questions and I hope not to bother anyone but I am just trying to make sense of everything that’s being offered.
1. You are saying all these pairs should have M30, H1, H4, Day charts in the Mk web section? If so, I might be doing something wrong because for example for Gold I can only see the 1H chart, Silver only 1H chart, BTC – only 1 Day chart. I am wondering if I am doing something wrong .
2. Is there a way for us to modify the scale of the charts to see the data better? I am trying to make sense of every aspect of the graphs in the best way I can and sometimes the scale on the charts is not the greatest (a.i. the retail traders game is sometimes very hard to read on some graphs) . I understand if nothing can be done because this is already great but I thought I’d ask .

thanks for all u do !

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