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Hi everyone,

Djamal has placed a lot of effort into making things understandable, this over years, the videos are organized via the playlists, see here (there are even videos of him explaining where to start etc.):

Furthermore, it is advised to at least invest some pure screen-time into watching the MK web.
Our services are as cheap as possible, so there is no excuse to not follow the official step-by-step process, this is unless you prefer to do things “your own way”, of course, everyone learns a bit differently.

Based on the public evidence and other traders who are using the MK, it should be obvious to anyone here that the MK unfolds as described, even by just watching a few days of the live-charts on the MK web,
it is not difficult to see that the algo games dominate FX as described. You see MTs getting taken out, you see DM positions getting pushed into DD etc. It is sometimes almost self-explanatory.

So new traders, stay away from any “drama” and focus on your “MK studies” instead. You got work to do and it is all there in front of your eyes.
Use it, while you can.


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