Reply To: Another Loser


Hi Thuy. First and foremost, I want to preface this by saying that I think Djamal seems to be a very good person. Only an impression from videos, but that’s definitely my sense. This said, we’re all trying to achieve the same goal which is to effectively and consistently make money trading. What I’ve personally found is that it does not seem that the DM indicators consistently correlate with what price does and this doesn’t even take into account the DM switches that regularly occur. In addition, unless he’s seriously connected, it is widely known that forex volume data is only available to those institutions that make markets in forex and it’s unlikely he has such a connection, so i’m a bit suspicious to be honest. The concept is hugely attractive because what the MK web is promoting is just such a tool. Regrettably, any money I initially made i’ve lost and the inconsistency in the indicators is enough to scare me off. Last, if we were truly looking at a meter that correlated with market maker volume/flow, the use of upper/middle/lower lines as well as considering the price level compared to another level wouldn’t be necessary. That’s the whole idea: price simply follows volume and order flow. Simple as that. Large institutions simply aren’t using retail style indicators. Price and volume at those prices dictate all in my opinion and I just don’t think Djamal is lucky enough to have access to that data. Believe me…I wish he did.

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