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Hi. I was having some steady, moderate success recently, but took a long trade in AUD-USD last night (EST) and got crushed. I was long with a very modest take profit target and red bars everywhere as you can see in the top charts. The resulting move went aggressively down. The opposite happened to me today on EUR/USD where I was short with green bars all over and i’m sure you saw where it went this morning. I’m just trying to make sense of this. Of course I understand that you certainly can’t win every trade (i’m far from that), but when I hear Djamal mention 95% win rates, it makes me wonder what other factors are in play that I don’t know about that can create movement in pairs that is so drastically in contrast to what the MK web is saying? I’ve watched so many hours of videos it’s been like a part time job recently, but I don’t feel as though i’ve learned what other factors could have prevented these entries because I feel that I followed the guidance in the videos. Any thoughts or similar experiences much appreciated.

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