Reply To: Accuracy of MK-indicator and Volume bars and positions?

Admin SME

“or whether you feel like a right chump for missing trades based on ‘DUMB MONEY STILL NEEDS RINSED’, or taking trades aiming at these levels when all they were all along were bloody volume profile gaps, with not a real SL in sight.

Of course, there is no doubt in my mind of the potential for someone to be able to learn to trade profitably with the MK charts overtime. Trading Volume Gaps and/or Supply & Demand zones in line with the overall trend isn’t a bad strategy”

Trying to combine a statistical system with the MK can be challenging, if you do not have sufficient experience with one of these two components. Again, there is a minimum of knowledge / experience required regarding the MK until you can do a more advanced thing such as combining a stat. system with the MK.
Because for example, sometimes the statistical system will give you trade signals, and these are WITHIN the DM tolerance. That implies, that sometimes, such signals are in the direction of “some” DM, but that does not mean that the signal is bad or should be skipped.

We will ask Djamal to make a video about that at some point.


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