Reply To: No DM Vol data for past three hours on AUDUSD

Admin SME

Mat, your style is very “hectic”. As we said, STUDY the MK properly, stop “thinking aloud” and changing your “ideas” every day. That is not fair towards other students. One can see that you did not go step-by-step here.

For example, MK traders do not just trade against a little DM flow (which most of the time is within the DM tolerance). We wait for clear setups.

We neither just randomly trade towards any stops we see. We understand the principles and again wait for particular entries.

You seem to “try around”, first saying that you have “your own system” etc. That is not a recommended approach.

Calm down, and do some homework. OBSERVE the MK web properly, FOCUS on the CONTENT, not on any noise around it.


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