Reply To: No DM Vol data for past three hours on AUDUSD


and here is the proof.

Look at Screenshot above of AUDUSD, and this one taken just a 5 minutes ago.

All off a sudden, a great big red dildo of DM Sell Volume appears, just out of no where.

Anyone reckon that this little fkn nugget of information might have been nice in real time, instead of it appearing 4 hours after the event?

This is no use at all.

This is a total deal breaker.

Either SME-FX has processing power and server bandwidth capable of running and delivering this service, or it doesn’t?

Dildo 😂😂😂

And I ought to take that dildo and start shafting myself with it.

I would have been better relying on a cumulative delta or a BullBearVolume indicator (reversing the colours if I must, to prove that all the silly billy dumb money buys on red candles and sells on green candles), and then simply drawing lines that represent ‘Stop Loss orders’ on Volume Profile gaps. Near Term for gaps on recent swings. Mid Term for gaps that have been in play over a period of time……..KIND OF LIKE HOW I WAS FUCKING TRADING ANYWAYS, except with a higher degree of acumen and accuracy, and of course, with no 4 hour lags in data appearing on my charts, selling me on a complete pup, only for 4 hours after the trade has been entered, for information to appear on the screen telling me that my recent ‘MK’ based trade was taken on entirely faulty information.

I was sold on this through a combination of thinking this was genuine insider orderflow information (it isn’t) combined with the ‘dumb luck’ of the MK levels being played like fiddles the first few times I test ran it.

I feel almost embarrassed.

P.S. and even if it was genuine orderflow information of some form or another, 4 hour data lag during peak trading times is unacceptable by any metric.

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