Reply To: Few questions about the video course


It’s great to see a bit of activity on the forum, I totally understand anyone’s frustration. There’s a lot of experience here if we can tap it positively. Djamal’s knowledge is so much deeper than all of ours so I get his frustration that he has shown us everything he knows and we still can’t see it. Well, actually, I do see it but not with his level of understanding, yet. Screen time is the answer to that. Even Djamal points out that this is not an absolute solution but is the closest one can get. We are always 2 or 3 steps behind the movers. If I could read Roger Federer’s mind I still couldn’t beat him at tennis. I might get a few points past him though.

I get the basics, even the advance stuff. I’m watching every video he’s made, there are hundreds, they are definitely not faked. They get me into the flow of the SM mindset, algo set. I even forecasted the GU stop take on friday but with my experience level I also saw a move higher first which caused me confusion, so that is where more experience will give me higher confidence.

Thanks for everything you’ve shown us Djamal, amazing commitment.

And happy Birthday too, I’ve just had mine 🙂

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