Reply To: Trade reviews

Christopher Miranda

From what I can remember, the limit orders have been mentioned as incidental, but not so much the STS (all good either way, I can’t remember everything lol). But I would definitely agree and have always considered the STS to be important, ranging moves/days will commonly just slowly take out the STS only and can easily be traded.
I edited your pic to highlight one of the reasons its possible for price to move down even with so many shorties in the way. The shorties were in a big drawdown.

In reply to your post above this one – I hope over time you come to see the MK similar as I do, as a near perfect work of brilliance 🙂 haha. Also, as you will see explained in some videos, MK simply evens the playing field. The forex market is inherently rigged, the SMcartel are the one’s who are literally cheating.
Beautiful entry on your EG short, amazing reading the move to the STS against the incoming shorties/red bars.

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