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It is very possible to trade consistently profitably without MK-Indicators.

I know this for sure. I have been doing it.


From my early impressions, MK-Indicators, as janky and imperfect as they may be, are to a retail trader, what a wall-hack is to an FPS gamer. MK-Indicators It feels like ‘cheating’, which of course is something I have no moral issues with whatsoever!

My analogy would be, a good FPS gamer, playing with a wall-hack is going to be an even better FPS gamer, although a bad FPS player may not necessarily be a lot better playing with a wall hack. Ya still got to know ur technicals, and have a good feel for how the market moves, imo.

And on that note……I had a short working last night…..(shown in above jpegs)…

But then I noticed this shit appear on MK-Indicators……Shorties Come in Strong, appearance of chunky Near Term SL appearing in between two Mid Term Shortie Tranches, so I exited my short, and reframed my trade as shown, to align with a tag of the near term SL covering the recently acquired DM shorts, and what do ya know!?

Still not out the woods yet of course…..Longies still on the cards to experience most pain, but perhaps a bit of a ‘time n range’ game needing to be played with shorties who are getting more active, and with longies current Mid Term SL level is just a touch below price… where near my downside target.

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