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Granted, I only just got here…waited 5 days for them to give me access to the course, and now I probably have to wait another 5 to get access to the stream….but this shit is fkn dynamite….PROVIDING you are already a decent trader.

Check the image. It is a screengrab from the EURUSD from early this afternoon, when Djamal made a short YouTube video describing all the component parts of the MK-Indicator.

Look at the red circled Mid Term Short SL tranche just above price. Look at the red circled Mid Term Long SL Tranche way down below price.

Now go and look at what the EURUSD went and done. Every fucking retail trader in the EURUSD (and many others) got taken to the cleaners for sure this afternoon. Yet the MK-Indicator shone a light not just on how a trader could have avoided the dickfuckery, but also on how a trader could have profited from it. Fk knows where Djamal is getting his orderflow data from, or if it isn’t actual real orderflow data, fk knows how he has constructed some statistical model that very closely resembles genuine order flow data, but the fact is, he has, and it is there, and in the right hands, could be used to great effect.

The other screenshot is a trade I took, based on that sneak glimpse of the MK Indicator in real time. I just shot for a bottom of the range target, and not a direct hit of the ‘Longies’ way down below.

It is understandable to have cynicism in the trading sector when it comes to trading educators, or someone trying to sell indicators, as most are fucking terrible…….But I feel that SME-FX has something of real value to any competent trader here. And I feel the dishevelled disorganised nature of his material, his website, and the ‘support’, and his fairly low volume of followers, is rather more a reassurance than an offput. Beware the slick marketed trading gurus with 750K followers on YouTube. If they went to all that trouble to make something so readily appealing and easily digestible, good chance it’s because it’s shit, and cos it’s bad for you.

Do yourself a favour and fork out a small bit of money, check out the video course, then see if you can’t make it work for you. If you can’t, then you have wasted a very modest sum of money. No big deal.

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