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most live trades entailed a number of videos, these spread over several days. Within each video, Djamal first quotes the precise time (to the minute) and the current price.
As you can see from the upload dates / times, these videos were immediately uploaded, often with just seconds of delay.
So how could this be “faked” in any way?


First of all, he never shows fullscreen, only price charts and indicators I mean there is no info on account type and whether this is realtime or PLAYBACK and this is essential for the sake of transparency. I can make millions on playback every single day as many youtube ”market wizards” do, everyone knows that market is all about timing, so if you post videos AFTER the fact you can FAKE it within minutes or seconds if you are smart enough.
The most important thing is proof of performance which is the brokerage statement which is missing here. (and this one can be faked too).
Today everyone can be whoever they want to be. It’s easy. I have seen many LinkedIn accounts that were FAKED since there is no one who checks reliability of information that is there. Many people put some well-known universities and big banks in their portfolios simply because they can (like infamous Michael V. who promotes order flow with his magickal indicators)

There are also a few more things in his videos that raise concern but I will keep it to myself.

so…talking about experience is not enough. He has to show it and prove it with no room for any DOUBT.

If he manages to do it, I will be his huge admirer forever.

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