Reply To: Descriptions of all the indicators used in MK stream?

Christopher Miranda

Okay, this is going to be lengthy, I’ll answer the important things and then tell you what you need to do to understand more. PLEASE every single person who reads this, go and do exactly the same(ALL OF IT, as in EVERYTHING) and do not just keep making repetitive threads and posts. I do NOT have SMEFX’s patience so bare with me please and thank you.

The video course is slightly out of order, the first 8 videos were added much later and are advanced videos. The next 7 +3bonus videos are where you are meant to start. (if you want to make remarks on logic then maybe you should’ve used yours when you realized the first video you clicked didn’t seem to make sense.) The first video to start at is called Market Structure General Overview, just click each video to start the first few seconds and see what the video is about.

I suggest reading EVERY post in the ENTIRE forum, especially the question/problem based ones as with that you will find many answers and solutions. The MK video course covers everything you need/will get to know about the MK, but with limited knowledge.
To understand as much as possible about the MK, you MUST at the MINIMUM watch through ALL of SMEFX’s playlists on youtube. Those playlists will answer almost all questions, and explain everything in great detail.

Just as with trading, understanding all of this is a journey and will take time. If you are not willing to give the time, then frankly you just shouldn’t be here. Personally I have gone through all 600-700+ videos, including the older ones on the older channel, which has taken months and years, but in return has given me a level of understanding that I will never regret, and no one can take from me.

To everyone asking how to understand the MK charts (or for access to the indicators, or for SMEFX’s private info), there are literally multiple detailed videos on the subject, and multiple posts throughout the forum linking directly to these videos. This is one of the many ways we can tell that whomever did NOT go through the entire forum or SMEFX playlists, and instead almost directly went to making a repetitive post. PLEASE, do not do this or be like these folk, I seriously give my gratitude for that.

Lastly, this is the SMEFX recommended guide, which is the nice and not rude version of my post lol.

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