Reply To: Few questions about the video course


Fellas, you can believe what you like. Most of us here have been following Djamal/smefx since he started his thread on forexfactory in 2018. Everything else is just noise and theories.
He’s been showing his proof on youtube since 2015, and it has truly always been incredible to watch and especially to be here. I’m not involved in their business at all, I’m just another stranger, so don’t expect info that you cannot already find here on the forums, on youtube, or through searching online, because everything we need to know has already been made available, it just takes the time to see it all.

I don’t know who you are. You might be a stranger or a person who cooperates with this guy. I don’t know who you are. Saying that you are a stranger doesn’t necessarily mean that you are one, anyway, can you post a link to proof, a YT video, or whatever that shows him trading LIVE? I mean something that is being uploaded while he trading, not AFTER the fact.

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