Reply To: Market moving against entries.


As you will realize soon (by watching the Mk web), the MTS tend to be main targets for the SM.
Once the price is “out-of-the-range”, then the SM will also go for LTS.

In general, there is no need for the SM to “run behind” any stops. Quite the contrary. In the rare cases where the DM tries to pull its MTS away, the SM often goes into the opposite direction again in order to “lure these in”.
And in most cases, that works.

Yes, all the data shown is completely different from anything else you find out there. Normal “volume” will not help neither.
Keep in mind that the data filtering etc. is highly complex, however, that is nothing you need to worry about. Just trade what you see. 😉

Yes, the DM tends to increase on one side and then just makes its losses bigger. See USDJPY over the last 5 months.


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