Reply To: Longer term swing trades

Christopher Miranda

Welcome Robin. They do not provide any indicators or any raw data of any kind connected to the market causality. Hundreds of people have already asked over the years, so please don’t bother.

More importantly, I can help explain how we already have everything we could possibly need in the MK livestream. Firstly, I’d highly recommend reading through all of the forum threads as to avoid repeat questions, watch most of the SMEFX youtube videos, and buying access to the video course (under “commercial” on this website) so that you can understand as much as possible about the MK.

Many people have used the MK for longer term trading, including myself. There is always more than enough info being displayed (quite literally everything we could know), its more a matter of understanding what we are looking at and how to react to it. Forex is fractal, so MK trading is always the same, no matter the time period. Sorry for being so vague with that, its simply things that you need to spend the time to learn and understand better, as we all had to. Your concerns with the Daily chart aren’t an issue as you are only looking at LTS/stops, while everything else on the chart is equally as important.

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