Reply To: My Daily Analyses & Live Trades


Hi Christopher, thank you for posting your analyses. I would also like to say thank you to the SMEFX team, the last few days been reviewing the paid course videos again and still amazed at the amount of information condensed in those videos. Every time I pick up something different or relevant to the market I`m watching at the time. I have not seen anyone else provide such in depth “secret” information anywhere else.

In terms of your analyses, I agree with your views for all of them. The only issue I have is with the JPY pairs, especially because they have been moving so strongly for the past few weeks, is that the Net DM indicator is not collapsing strong enough/steep enough, its a smooth gradual collapse. What I`ve noticed is that a more stronger steeper collapse is required for currencies with such continued strong moves or more retests of the top for the DM switch to occur, so perhaps another stop run up on all of those pairs is still possible.

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