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Michael Platt

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I purchased the video course and have been watching the videos when I have time.

It does make me see the market in a different way, and I no longer feel that I’m on the Dumb Money side so much. In fact, it makes me not want to trade at all until I know more – so it has been worth the money already as I am no longer losing money as I’m not trading!!

I just wanted to check if some content was missing though. There are videos for Meta Levels 1-3, but I thought you had mentioned 10 Meta Levels in a previous video.

For example, I couldn’t see a video explaining the indicators on the right hand side (ie. the stop positions, whether they are short/medium/long term, and what the various colours mean and how to use them).

So I just wanted to check on this in case there were more videos that I wasn’t seeing.

Also I was wondering with the training course if it’s possible to get a complimentary month of the livestream so that I can paper-trade against it?

Also, I was wondering what the difference was between “MK LIVESTREAM” and “MK LIVESTREAM WEB”?

Thanks again,

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