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Michael Platt

Take this new episode in your trading career as the chance to become an ELITE trader. ?

That would be amazing – I’ll certainly give it my best shot!

I should make a video on the “Golden Rules of MK Trading” at some point, I put this on my list.

Yes that would be really useful thanks. At the moment I now have more awareness of what is happening, but I don’t know how to make use of the knowledge.

I hope the videos help a lot in understanding the market structure, step by step.

Yes very much so – it’s a lot to take in initially, and I’m sure I only understand a very small (but significant) part of it, but it’s enough to see clearly that it is not a level playing field. People normally focus on the broker playing against them, but you’ve shown that it’s actually higher up the food chain where the bulk of rigging takes place. I’ve often listened to reasons for large price moves and they’ve not made sense to me – and certainly have been confused by more buyers resulting in a price drop (supply/demand). Also the predominant systems out there are all wrong, like looking for higher highs and placing your stops below the previous low. There is so much misinformation out there and then when you do trade you realise none of it works and you’re destined to be one of the 95%.

Once you completed all free vids, consider the video course, there the meta-levels (not public) are explained too.

I’m definitely open to this. Is this the 3 month package I would take out to do this?

Next week I’ll review your many videos, and read your forex factory thread to try and get more background, then perhaps look to do the more advanced stuff the following week?

Anyway hope you have a great weekend.

Thanks again,

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