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“I’ve been trading unsuccessfully for some time now, and have probably made every mistake possible. I’ve been aware that something has been going on for some time, as I’m not generally a stupid person, but logically it wasn’t making sense, and the whole thing gets frustrating. It shouldn’t be possible statistically to have as many losing trades as I have had. I’ve often thought that if I did the exact opposite of every trade I’ve done I’d be a millionaire. However your videos have shown that this wouldn’t be the case, I would probably still have lost.”

Yes, that is true, Michael. Thank you for the honesty. Take this new episode in your trading career as the chance to become an ELITE trader. 😉

You are on the right track. The game is SM is playing is nothing but UNFAIR and RUTHLESS. This here is the first attempt to balance out the discrepancy between the sell side and the buy side.

One still has to watch, practice and analyse, but soon enough it all makes a lot of sense and moves can be predicted.

I should make a video on the “Golden Rules of MK Trading” at some point, I put this on my list.

do not forget,
the MOST intelligent people fail in FX, this because of the nasty advantage the SM is exploiting.

But the tables start to turn now.



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