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      Hello everyone,

      within this post I will give you a short update with regard to what I am working on at the moment.
      Please be aware that generally speaking, you can find anything you need on the SME FX youtube channel and in the video course.
      Also, remember that first and foremost I am actively trading and that this work here is kind of my “side project”.

      Today, I posted an overview video so that you can see the latest order of the channel, now including a playlist for the “lazy ones” among us.
      There, you can find some of the essential info in one go, HOWEVER, please remember that either way new traders NEED to spend adequate time on studying the market causality.
      There is NO way around that, do NOT jump into the game without having done your homework before. This in particular if it is your intent to trade the MK outright.

      Okay, that aside, I am currently working on the following:
      – new, additional videos for the course (long-term project)
      – a YT video on “3 way to use the MK”
      – a YT video on differences between currency pairs (advanced)
      – some other things

      On my longer-term to do list, I also have a video on trading psychology (since there is a lot of demand for that), some shorter videos on selected topics of the MK (advanced) and some more fun stuff.
      First things first.
      If you like this project and you want it to continue, then please share the SME FX YT channel via your social media channels. We are grateful for that.
      At the moment, we see some slow but constant growth.

      Last but not least, I am very proud of the progress a handful of MK traders have made; these people have put in the hours and are now reaping the benefits.
      New traders, please look at these traders for inspiration. The MK seems to be the only way to trade FX profitably in the long-term,
      all other approaches appear to be way to simplistic and ultimately end up on the DM side. We have seen that, for several years now.

      In case you have special requests (for videos etc.), feel free to post those here, just be aware that I will use some discretion with regard to what I prioritize.
      As you know, I always have quite a clear plan in my head, sometimes things take longer than expected, but again, remember that there is so much content out there that most people would take quite some time
      to properly study it.

      I already wish you all a nice Xmas time, I will push it for another 2 weeks or so, but then I will take a short break (for family),
      go and collect these pics and kill these algos!

      Lots of love,

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      Admin SME

      Cheers Djamal,

      thank you for the update,
      keep on working on these projects, we will manage the forum etc.
      Whenever you have time, please visit the forum now and then.

      Happy Xmas!

      SME FX

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      Hey Djamal. I’d very much like to see a video with your thoughts on the hierarchy of importance with regard to the various indicators, levels etc. As someone new to SMe/MK, i’ve immersed myself in the videos, but i’m finding for myself that it simply becomes a game of proximities where i’m saying to myself “well, the longies are in profit and the closest stops are below price, so a short would seem most likely next from here”. I know this is probably simplistic thinking, but without knowing if any indicators or levels should carry more weight than others, this is all I can do as of now. Anyway, a video with your thoughts on this would be great whenever you get a chance. Thanks!

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