Trades week ending 23/12/22

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      EURJPY Buy (Win)
      Trade idea: Inner Range MTS run
      Entry 06:45 @ 140.73

      – MTS above price within range
      – Net DM short
      – Inner Range stop run, simple setup
      – H4 bottom of range
      – Daily chart had a big drop that took out daily 200MA stops, so long trade was a breather move
      – Net DM short line rising
      – STS below the price but far away
      – No major fundamental news inbound

      – Low DM flow
      – No Short squeeze

      Target set to round number of 141, just below MTS.
      SL set to 140.50, giving a RR of roughly 1.

      My first demo trade and I’m happy it was a winner 🙂

      Did anyone else play this one today? Any feedback/insight welcome!

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      Thuy Pham

      Orange lines above price is not MTS, but sell limits.

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      Hey Ben. I wasn’t on the charts today, but looks to me like you assessed this one very well. Always tough to tell exactly what levels these stops are at, but looks like about 141.00-ish, so at least good for 25+ pips. Nice trade. Hope Djamal and/or some of the other vets can comment as well. I’m on demo too. Keep going!

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      Thanks guys for the comments.

      @Thuy Pham yes, that’s a good point actually. Your comment made me go watch the YT video on the indicators again as a reminder. I’ve also seen your other forum post on requesting the colours be change, and I agree it is confusing having them the same colour!

Viewing 3 reply threads
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