Query regarding Stop Orders on MK web.

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      Yellow bars above price are Mid Term Short Stop Loss Orders.

      Orange bars below price are Mid Term Long Stop Loss Orders.

      So what is the Orange bar ABOVE price? ‘Mid Term’ Long Stop Buy Order?

      Please no abusive retort from people who know this indicator like the back of the hand, telling me the answer to my question can be found within video 178/350 posted for free on YouTube. I have consumed a TON of material on this in the past few days, and this query has not been addressed.

      (Thanks in advance for any helpful comments)

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      Christopher Miranda

      The orange above price and yellow below price (opposite of the MTS), are limit orders. So yep rather than being stoplosses, those are literally orders to open trades/contracts. They are much less important as targets, as are almost always taken just while being in the way to something else.

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        Ok thx.

        So the colour code remains the same….Orange is still Short, Yellow is still Long.

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