MKweb stream outages constantly during prime time.

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      Are the constant MKWeb server outages during Prime Time a bug, or a ‘feature’?

      Would MK Livestream be any better (since it is a stream coming from some team meeting app?

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      Admin SME

      There are no constant outages. Sometimes, there can be technical issues, such as a power cut etc.
      Yes, you can also request the MK livestream, if you prefer seeing every tick.

      SME FX

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        Past 2 days….there are many times it just stops working….I am not talking 192 second delay here, but…..Cloudflare Error 404. jobs.

        Power cuts? Bandwidth Shortage?

        If a trader has a decision to make, he wants his tools readily available.

        I shall request a livestream code…….

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