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      Tim Tim

      I was thinking it might be good to start a channel where new/old members can post in their trades and other members can give them advice or review trades and a discussion can be formed around the trades.

      let me know if this is a bad idea?

      Took my first trade yesterday if anyone has any feedback for me.

      My Trade:

      Trade Idea: EURGPB Short, Trade down to take out the lower stop
      Why: no PB blocking the price on y axis. If the prices move up the longs will go into profit so needs a retrace to stop out longs before moving to upper stops.
      Net DM: neutral (allowing for some DM tolerance)
      PB: some old longs to stop out before upper target

      Acc: Demo
      Entry : 0.86350
      SL : 0.86741
      TP: 0.86100

      Trade exited at 0.86100

      Feel free to post in any trades below this post.

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      Tim Tim


      Trade entry screen shot


      Trade exit screen shot

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        Nice Trade.

        Never seen in at the time, was too busy fighting the market makers with the rest of my dumb money long pals over in EURUSD yesterday….despite starting the day saying I was going to steer clear of USD pairs that day…….and I never look at EURGBP anyhow.

        Yellow bars are supposed to represent short stops, and the orange long stops?

        If so, how come they sitting right on prime supply and demand zones, where a bear would be looking to sell. in the case of the first yellow, or to buy in case of the first orange?

        Or if they don’t represent Stop Order levels…..(and I can’t imagine any trader who will last more than 5 minutes in the market would put their SL at such key obvious structural levels), what do they represent?

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      Admin SME

      Hello Tim,

      please start such a thread in the “Commercial” area of the forum (since as per Disclaimer and Client Agreement screenshots cannot be posted publicly when they are live).
      The link is:


      SME FX

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      Tim Tim

      No problem at all

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