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      Please be aware that the “MK livestream” always was just an extra-service to the “MK web”. Of course, we will continue the MK web, however, the MK livestream will not be part of the service to new clients from today onwards.
      That means that all clients to date will still have access to the MK livestream next to the MK web, however, new clients from now on will only have access to the MK web.
      Obviously, the charts shown on the MK livestream are equivalent to the H1 charts of the MK web, so these do not represent any additional information. The only advantage of the MK livestream was that users could see everything “live and ticking”,
      so it was an additional tool only. Also, the fact that clients observed the charts live for ca. 4 years was a good opportunity to show the live charts in that particular fashion (obviously, all the youtube videos always showed the charts in that same way, too).

      All the best,
      SME FX

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