Reply To: Are smart money algorithms run on a quantum computer?


“Hi there, thank you, you are really good at crunching data and this is an extremely interesting.”

Thank you, Shalva.

“It’s so amazing that you’ve mentioned market’s “long term memory”, clustering and “self-organizing” as that’s how anything would’ve been created in the first place including ourselves. ”

That is exactly right.

“I would argue actually that fractality has nothing to do with the direction of the market since I have this Fourier extrapolator indicator and sometimes, when it predicts a very steep move in either direction and that direction coincides with other currency pairs within a day or two the price is extremely likely to spike (though not before it moves in an opposite direction).”

Yes, if you like, post it in the forum.

“The smart money boldness concept to me really is just them taking what was already there, continuously reiterating it to fit the manipulator’s agenda and presenting it as the original ”

That is correct.

“The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, but the illusion of knowledge”


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