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Jamie Himsley

Hi Djamal

OK so If we approach the MK with the understanding that the BIS algo does two things and two things only, It moves from liquidity pool to liquidity pool and also moves to re balance Imbalances (FVG’s, gaps, volume imbalances etc) That is literally all it does. DM tolerance is actually engineered liquidity and time distortion. The algo can move price without volume behind it, but only in limited expansions and this is done within certain time macros throughout the 3 global trading sessions and is dependant on liquidity within those macros. It cannot see where individual stops are, these are held at broker level and that’s a different subject. what it searches for is liquidity in 90m cycle lookbacks. OHLC is all that is important.
Stops shown on MK are the amalgamation of different broker feeds that are complied into your INDI which is completely fine and relevant, but for it to be tradable it is vital to understand what stops are likely to be traded in the short term. There are too many variables in price to be able to place a trade towards a stop cloud on the daily for example. you SL would need to be to large to be a worthwhile trade. Blurry lines for stops and position bars are not good enough, there needs to be a scale that gives indication of volume of stops at a specific price level to make a judgment. Granted there are times when you will get a long red stop bar appear and price will trade in the opposite direction but there are just as many equal times where it does not . there is no “edge” with it. I am fully aware of Meta levels but again they do not play out in favour enough times to be consistent. I’M sorry but your live trades on the youtube channel do not show any live trades at all, simply you pointing to the MKweb and saying you’ve done this or done that. you need to show timeframes, entries, SL placement and target in real time. It will never be taken seriously until you do this. I’m sorry that is not what you want to hear.
I really want to be wrong about this and for you to show me what I’m missing! you are selling people hope and with that they will give you adoration in the hope that you reveal the secret to them to change their lives, if someone has told you they are profitable with the MK i’m afraid that is all they are doing hoping with enough praise you share a secret.
You have something here for sure but you can do much better with it. Surly you should want to do that?
I have followed your work for 4 years now and what you’ve tried to do is amazing but for it to be relevant to another person it needs to be improved.
A workable trade plan for your system should be to indicate a trade based on a 1-2 RR that will complete within the same day, an edge of 50% and that is literally all you need, overnight trades should be avoided as there is imminent risk of a black Swan event at the moment given the geo political climate.
I really hope this helps because as I keep saying this really does deserve to succeed.

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