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Hi Jamie, hi AJ.

Questions / assistance / help
First of all, I believe it is always a good idea to ask questions. Of course you can do so within this forum (publicly, or within the “Commercial section” only).
If you already worked a lot on the MK and you got stuck somewhere, you can also send an Email to “[email protected]”, just put ‘questions for Djamal’ in the header. In particular if you have gone through all advised steps already or you are trying to match your own system with the MK etc. (such things could maybe require some “customized” comments from my side, in particular if you got “stuck” somewhere).
Also, do not be ashamed in any way for asking for some help if you went through all “standard” steps already and still need to “connect two dots”. As it hopefully comes through, I am not only passionate about FX itself but also about helping traders to find a way that works for them, in particular if these are people who have already done their “homework” (one cannot really hide whether the homework was done or not).
I will always try to give answers and pointers, at times, I may choose not to for specific reasons. However, generally speaking, I am sure that I can be of help (I think AJ is rather new while Jamie is part of the fam for longer).

The facts / other traders / learning styles
Please note that since this project runs for a few years already, I have at this stage interacted with all kinds of different traders. I learned along the way that every individual has a somewhat “own” way of learning. For example, I have seen people who approached the MK even from a purely “intuitive” perspective, so using it without even understanding some of the basics but still being profitable. That is one one extreme side of the spectrum. On the other side of the spectrum I have seen people who first want to understand every single detail. I personally would recommend to at least study the advised “minimum” before purely tape reading and then going live. But well, if something works for you, then it works for you I guess.
While we do not have thousands of clients, we had a wide range of users, ranging from small retails traders passing their prop firm challenge to fund managers in London. I do not have precise numbers but I would estimate that ca. 75% of clients have success after around a year, with this value increasing the more time passes. It should also be noted that people use the MK in all kinds of different ways, some use it to decide which bots to activate or de-activate, others manually trade the known setups, others just trade long-term trends (squeezes) etc. There is a wide range. Remember, the MK IS the market, not a “system”.

Trader interaction
Obviously, there is a negative correlation between a trader’s “success” and his “interaction with others”. I personally believe that trading is a “lonely” activity and this cannot really be changed.
However, we still do have the “live chat” option on the MK livestream and there was a time where a group of traders used it a lot.
Experienced traders know, there is little value of interacting with other traders live, because “entries” and “exits” are just part of the overall equation. Other factors such as “risk management” (trade stops, equity stops, hedging etc.), “trade management” (i.e. scaling etc.), “trading styles” (specific setups) etc. are very important and differ among traders.
Sometimes I get an Email from a client who never interacted before but just says “thank you, this really helped my trading”. And I know that these are the ones who followed the steps and made the MK work for them. And they took it on their “own hands”, not needing anyone else’s help or input. However, as said before, everyone is different.

I am confident that I have been pretty “structured” in my approach. Of course, maybe I made a new version of the “orientation video” etc., however, everything has been laid out as a “step-by-step” approach. Also, if it is your intent to trade in a similar way as I traded in youtube for years, then obviously it would make sense to really take that guidance seriously.
You do not need to watch all 880 videos. Be efficient and serious when it comes to your studies. I have seen people going overboard, but also other ones not even bothering to do the absolute minimum. Well, I guess the principle “garbage in, garbage out” has some merit here.

Experienced traders
Interestingly, if you are a rather experienced trader already, it can often be that you are in a worse position as compared to one who starts from scratch. The reason for that is that you may need to “unlearn” certain things which you assumed before. For example, previous assumptions you made for price moves would need to be “corrected / updated”. Also, if you are trying to “blend” an existing system with the MK, then you can become confused because for instance you will see signals which pointed in the direction of DM positions, but worked out (DM tolerance), or you may see signals pointing away fro targets etc. That is why it is important to prepare well for “merging” a system with the market structure. Again, if you got stuck, you can send me an Email with your strategy and setups and I can try to give you guidance with regard to what factors you should pay particular attention to.

Proven edge
The MK is currently the only tool which allows a “leading” approach to trading forex, taking into account the actual market structure instead of any “fairy tales”. By now, many people have seen, used and exploited that exclusive approach. If there would be no value in the MK, then this project would have been stopped a while ago. Instead, we had things such as cyber attacks (even placing the website offline for a few days) and other events.
Still, every individual traders needs to find “her” or “his” way within the MK, at least to some degree. Some people just love H4 reversals / DM switches and leave the rest. Others love IR stop hunts. Others love squeezes etc. Some traders trade short-term, others long-term. I would suggest; understand and study “my” approach as documented, then “adjust” it to YOUR approach to the market. This is a bit similar to a musician first learning a well-known musicians playing style, but then changing it to his or her own personality.

Timelapse / “backtests”
In terms of “backtests” or ways to speed up “tape reading”, we have made “time lapse videos” before. We were recently considering to do some newer ones. However, please be aware that these videos just show you how the MK unfolded, in the same way you would see it live, just with “time” being “faster”.

I hope that this helps.
Happy trading!

PS: I believe that this thread was meant for technical improvements in the MK web only, but anyways.

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