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Hi aj

So unfortunately it is impossible to back test as we cannot scroll back through mk history and correlate price/position bars with market price action. Don’t get me wrong in no way is this a scam and Djamal is 100% legit and I fully respect what he has created. But for a person that has not created the system/indicator and does not completely understand the inner workings of it it is impossible to trade and gain a consistent edge. I wish it was because even if you could only use it to give you a daily bias with 70/80 % accuracy it would be incredible. As it is, to make a trade play out the R-R will not be in your favour as stops have to be to large. you could hedge a position and close the negative hedge once your absolutely sure price is running for the nearest stops but you could trade any system like that. I have 12 years trading experience and it is my full time occupation. I wish there was a way to back test because there is defiantly something here but it needs to be improved, scales need to be transparently explained in detail and Djamal needs to to live trade sessions real time fully explaining what he is seeing that gives him confidence to risk money. This would give people confidence in the system they are investing their money into and this community would grow exponentially .

Agree. WOuld love some live trading sessions and a video properly explaining scales and all details in the chart.
I am so frustrated tbh because just as u say, i feel its smth here, and I dont use it properly.

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