Reply To: Advice for those who work jobs


Agree with all the above. I also work a full time job and agree it is difficult. I get up early (5am) and dedicate my early mornings to trading before work. This gives me enough time to analyse each pair and highlight any for my watchlist. I can also place trades if the opportunity presents itself. On quiet days I’ll research strategies/backtest etc.
Once I start work, I rarely check the markets. Maybe at lunch time a bit. I ensure my stops and profit targets are automatically set in MT4. I avoid trading on days with big news events for the pairs I’m trading, so that I avoid any unexpected movements while at work.
I actually prefer the lower volatility outside of the main market hours. For me, the price action is less eratic, choppy and volatile.
Definitely each to their own though. It’s one thing that I always find amazing with with markets, there are so many different methods to take money out of it. The key is can you do it consistently and with discipline!
All the best in your trading journey. It’s been 3 years this month since I first learned what a candlestick is, so my journey is… slow but steady haha!

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