Reply To: Trades – Week Ending 12/23/2022

Tim Tim

Trade closed early because? is this correct analysis

Trade: Long Stop target trade GBPJPY

Trade idea: Move up to take out the upper MT stop

Y-axis PB: No visible positions blocking or supporting price (Neutral) 50%
X-axis PB: Decent sized new shorts entering some old longs to (Neutral – Positive ) 75%
Net DM: In favour of longs and long squeeze (Negative) 0%
Net T-in-prof: Longs in profit (Negative) 0%
Lev Positions: no new shorts over lev (Negative) 25%
1D chart: All MA in trade direction (positive) 100%
Where in range: Extended from the 4H range (positive) 100%

Trade score = 3.5/7 50% (Medium trade confidence)

Entry: 159.733
SL:156.854 (Below the lower stops)
TP:162.555(Just before the upper MT stop)



Trade Closed: Trade closed in small profit at 160.170

Reasoning: New longs entered the market (DM switch) and the target MT stop was removed. The MT stops below are close enough to be taken out. More likely to move down.



If anyone has some feedback be great

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