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Andy Reitinger

Dear Djamal!
I took the GJ from your suggestion yesterday evening. I placed an Order about 9 mins after Ive had the Signal in my email inbox. Maybe it was a bit to low about 10 Pips under your Suggestion. Man, this was a challenge, and the reason Ive got stopped out today exact after this strong retrace. 🙁 I was in fear and in doubt too. I thought why in the world is Djamal saying the GJ should hit 131.97 while I was waiting this morning and I saw the beast coming and returning exactly 15 Pips above and it wasn`t back for a very long time. I thought should i re-enter after I was stopped out? I did and I was very happy. You can not imagine what a good feeling it is that I was able to trust you and that’s because I was watching not just one time your 3 Episodes with Georg. That’s the reason why I give ****** Stars for all your help and willingness to help the struggling Traders to find the right track. Thank you sooooo much Djamal. In the last two days, I was feeling for the very 1st time in my 10 Year Journey with a lot of blood, sweat, tears, and no sugar in this Arena how it feels to feel and to understand the big difference between Dump and Smart Money. I am not able to start all of a sudden in your MK and Video Course but I hope from the bottom of my heart that I have the chance for a place to learn your Theories and your System!

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