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Petr Matej

Hi FF, nice to talk to you!

I’ve been around forex from 2015 and not afraid to say – without posivite results so far. My journey started during my high school studies. Later, (partly) because of my interest in forex and automation, I decided to go to university of computer science. I’ve spent some time coding robots and indicators but in the end came to conclusion that classical indicators are not the way to go. Your thread was inspiring to me, it was different view for markets. I was also searching for sources of similar data you have. Last year I’ve also started watching forex futures as they have access to real volume data. Other than that, I believe these data are well hidden or paid and for one it might be an obstacle. The project you made here is imho as close as retail trader can get.

After few years of trying I decided to stay on the side line, to not trade at all. But I still enjoy watching markets and work with data. There were some potencial trades I would take from screenshots you posted in FF thread – and got to say, live stream is much better.

The work you have done here is awesome. Thanks a lot!

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