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Christopher Miranda

I didn’t realize we couldn’t edit posts yet haha, nonetheless. FractalFreak if you are able to edit our posts, than feel free to put this in my first introduction post.
My name is Christopher Miranda. I started trading FX about 4 years ago. I learned of the Market Manipulation in 2016/17 through people such as ICT, etc. The Manipulation just always felt like the only real thing to be learning for some reason, maybe I just got lucky, or maybe the Manipulation found me, aha. I was never really finding myself successful/consistent until 2018, when I found FractalFreaks original “FX Exposed” thread, only a few days after he first started it. Maybe I should have been more skeptical in general, but honestly I instantly ‘knew’ that Frac’s information was FOR REAL. It resonated incredibly well with myself, and it felt like I was living the impossible. Everything on FractalFreaks charts made SO much sense, and they truly seemed SO easy to read and understand. Not to mention how they have literally always been correct and real. These 2 years have been some of the best in my life, and I only seek to put myself on higher levels from here!

The Market Causality is one of the most amazing things I have studied so far in life. It goes so far beyond FX. If you others see the deep truths in how MK has a complex/true connection with the state of the world and human species, then you may see some of the depth of all of these other ‘hidden secrets/truths’ as well. Now THAT is what I am truly grateful for! The opportunity to learn ‘hidden truths’ are ABSOLUTELY the most valuable ones in life! Especially when they can make you an abundance of currency, such as how FractalFreaks MK has. But always remember my fellows, in the end money is worthless, work on your minds and bodies, be calm, ask questions, seek greater realities, think about your emotions and feelings, be humble/grateful/show appreciation. Much Love and Energy! Most of all, THANK YOU UNTIL THE END OF TIME DJ.

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