Reply To: SCAM warning: Mike Odea PROVEN scam!


Hereby, I provide a short summary of some relevant events:

•26/11/2018: You (Mike Odea) state in the title of a youtube video (channel: “Cobra FX”) that you would have a “96% WiN RATE”.
•26/12/2018: You announce the “$2,000 to $100,000 IN LESS THAN 1 YEAR TRADING FOREX” project
•04/02/2019: You post a video on the Cobra FX channel titled “FOREX ACCOUNT PROOF & TRADE HISTORY”
• On the 05/02/2019 you (Mike Odea) agreed to “not trade Gold” on the challenge account (!).
•18/02/2019: You go long Gold on the managed accounts. You further state “I have 2 open Gold buys at 1322 and 1321.” Again, (ca. one week after a first disaster when he traded a short EURAUD position) you over-leverage AGAIN; 150k position on a max. 2.5k account! (NOTE: AGAIN you broke your rules and previous commitment: on the 05/02/2019 you stated “I will no longer be trading gold for challenge”) (!).
•18/02/2019: You state “I entered another buy on gold now at 1324.”
•18/02/2019: You state “FYI I didn’t use my trading strategy on that last gold buy. Sorry about that. I messed up on something. But we’re still good. shoul.d see a lot of support here. I believe we will see 1360 by friday”
•20/02/2019: Gold does not go up as you expected but instead starts to move down.
•20/02/2019: You state “BUY GOLD AR 1340 area”. You also say “that was the pullback gold needed to launch to 1360! Lets get that money!”
•21/02/2019: Gold continues to go DOWN further. Against your expectations of a sharp increase; Gold takes a dive to USD 1,321,
•21/02/2019: You state “I suggest anyone who has buy positions on gold to add to their account to cover margin. I added 1500 to my challenge account to cover margin. The Fed Minutes caused the big srop. They were hawkish on rate hikes”.
•28/02/2019: Gold continues to dive. It breaches the USD 1,321 level to the downside and the next round of client accounts gets BLOWN OUT!
•28/02/2019: You state “BUY GOLD 1316 area!” You also post a video on youtube, showing how on your big account you add another huge position to your already existing long Gold position.
•04/03/2019: Gold went down further and took the USD 1,286 level!!!
•04/03/2019: All other client accounts are BLOWN! Including the ones who topped up!

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