Reply To: You can post free MT4 indicators here which could be of value.

Shalva Kutelia

Greetings everyone,

I would like to share an indicator with some predictive power namely “Fourier extrapolator” as the title of this post suggests.

At the lower time frames this indicator is practically useless but at H4 it can predict sudden moves with unusually high accuracy and from my experience it is also capable of predicting the direction of the spike with a higher than 50/50 probability.
The way I use it is apply the indicator on pairs that have the same currency in them: EUR/USD, EUR/JPY, EUR/CHF etc. (you may also want to pay attention to the correlated pairs) and once there is a very steep line pointing in the same direction on every chart it signals a large move is about to happen in a day or two, over a period of time before that you may often see a move in the opposite direction or nothing special at all.

You can easily find a free download on google both for the MT4 and MT5 versions.

Great trading!

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