Reply To: Are smart money algorithms run on a quantum computer?

Shalva Kutelia

Hi there, thank you, you are really good at crunching data and this is an extremely interesting.

I see, no fractal ever truly settles though does it, especially not with new actors entering the market all the time but that’s where all the information, both direct and oblique, on how to trade programs new traders into acting in a predictable manner so then algos utilize all sort of gaslighting tactics to give any approach a random distribution, even more, if the majority of market participants are unaware of what’s going on they turn this into a feedback loop hence the word “corruption” I used earlier instead of a natural self-organizing process moving towards iterative stability, this overlays with everyday life so much one could apply trading principles anywhere. The smart money boldness concept to me really is just them taking what was already there, continuously reiterating it to fit the manipulator’s agenda and presenting it as the original – something George emphasizes by quoting Stephen Hawking that “The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, but the illusion of knowledge”. It’s very obvious what’s going on here though judging this kind of behavior is inconsequential, exposing it in my honest opinion certainly should be welcome by anyone who is not an agent of the system and is aware enough.

I would argue actually that fractality has nothing to do with the direction of the market since I have this Fourier extrapolator indicator and sometimes, when it predicts a very steep move in either direction and that direction coincides with other currency pairs within a day or two the price is extremely likely to spike (though not before it moves in an opposite direction). This was not a random indicator I use since any pattern is a fractal and any fractal is self-similar motion therefore there just have to be cases of high level of predictability due to accumulated momentum that has to eventually reveal itself no matter what.

It’s so amazing that you’ve mentioned market’s “long term memory”, clustering and “self-organizing” as that’s how anything would’ve been created in the first place including ourselves. I’ve had a lot of success (in demo admittedly, H4) just opening the charts once and knowing where the price will generally move right away without analyzing anything, it’s clearly not a big deal for the subconscious so give us a feel of what’s going on if we just tune in and are not distracted.

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