Reply To: Are smart money algorithms run on a quantum computer?

Shalva Kutelia

Hi Djamal,

That was an excellent unpacking and explanation, particularly the 50/50 part, I’ve noticed a lot of things like that but until they click together it’s not much use obviously, it is a fascinating topic indeed although mind-bogglingly intimidating at first. I suppose I attributed more to the algos than they deserve.
I have another question then: can’t we reverse engineer everything that’s going on and automate it and how accurate a predictive power can we have in principle?
In the bigger picture, that is with both the people and the algos moving the markets, how much of previous tick data is taken into consideration by the algos for, let’s say, support and resistance levels? I mean, are the markets intrinsically fractal and manipulated or fractal because they are manipulated? Is there even such a thing as financial markets without manipulation on this planet?
The way I see it right now in terms of hierarchy is like this: Fractal unpredictable nature -> market manipulation -> manipulated partially predictable nature that DM participants take for fractal unpredictable nature and on top recursive feedback into the algos in the form of no easy money principle and the like.
Trying to separate natural phenomena from the manipulation here to elevate myself a level above the markets and see what’s going on ground up.

Thank you

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