Reply To: MK web “wish list”:

Jamie Himsley

Hi Djamal
Regarding the picture you shared, yes in hindsight it looks amazing as does anything or any trading system. but when you start trying to apply the MK to the hard right of the chart this is where it fails. Position bars and stops need to come into the MK indi before price reacts, as it is the come in at the same time, no better than a volume indi. there is no confidence to take a trade, be able to set a stop loss or react to info from the MK. The most useful it is, is to confirm a continuation, but even that is suspect because of, as you your self say, dumb money switch can happen anytime.
Ok so I’ve given you some insight as to what would help people use the MK effectively, it is completely your choice whether you do this or not, it does not effect me or the way I trade.
I completely agree that tape reading is an effective way forward, back testing is better but I understand there are limitations with the MK to enable this to happen.
You cannot however tape read high time frames. If you could provide a 5 or maximum 15 min TF then maybe this would be better. Depends how often the broker feeds update I imagine. You need to be able to see stop and position bars come into the market in real time preferably ahead of price, the algo uses time macros to change direction, it does not happen instantly when a large pool of orders are placed at a specific price point. Unless there is considerable delay from your broker feeds then there is no reason why the info is coming in so late. Think of it like a crossroads, small sections of accumulation (pauses) happen when calculations are made as to which direction holds the most Liquidity.
You seem to forget that your the one that created this so you know it inside out, your previous message reels of a load of information that will mean nothing to anyone but you because it has not been explained in detail anywhere previously. We cannot read your mind. It has to be set out logically and methodically for someone else to follow.
This is all I can say. Really hope you find away to make the improvements needed. I wish you nothing but the best.

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