Reply To: MK web “wish list”:


Hey Djamal, appreciate ur answers as well .
I understand there are some secret stuff u cant share but I honestly don’t understand the scale of the indicators.
Also as Jamie is saying, the resolution is poor. I cannot understand sometimes what I am looking at and I am not alone in this issue.
I would love to understand what 60 on a scale means (I think an explanation for scales for each timeframe would be highly valued by everyone here) , or -5000, longs-4398%, short 788% (no clue what it means) or whatever….u showed those scales, why not explain them ?
From time to time, try login in to the platform as a client and take look at how the graphs look like for us….they r unreadable at times (I uploaded some pics where I either dont understand the lines like in the btc chart or I cant see the numbers on the indicators….and sadly, at this point even if I were to see the numbers its hard for me to make sense of them ) . For some charts I dont get where Net DM indicator is at ….is it below middle or not (my understand is that this is the most important indicator).
It is a pity to waste such highly valuable tools for so minor issues IMO.
I feel like these 2 issues can easily be solved tbh and I for one would be very thankful !

I am sorry if in any way I sound aggressive or disrespectful. I have nothing but respect for what u do and everyone contributing here. English is not my first language.

Thanks for all u do !

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